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A major window opening in India’s Space Sector, boost to Ananth Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ATL), a dedicated domestic Private Aerospace Company.

by Editorial Staff

In-order to enhance the proliferation of space technologies and space-based applications in the country to fully reap its benefits, and give boost to country’s overall space-based economy; Government has opened-up the Space-sector for enhanced participation of private industries in all areas of its activities.  

  LVM3 carrying Chandrayaan – 3 was launched successfully from SDSC, SHAR today (14-07-2023) at 14.35 Hrs.

  Ananth Technologies, Head quartered in Hyderabad has been contributing to all the launch vehicle and satellite missions of ISRO. ATL has contributed for Chandrayaan – 3 launch vehicle (LVM3) in the realization of many of the Avionics packages for this LVM3 mission including On-board computers, Navigation system, Control Electronics, Telemetry, Power systems etc. In addition, ATL realized Interface packages including SLRU-BS, SCOUT-A, Power switching modules (EMA-PSM), Cryo, stage safe Arm relay units, strain Gauge balancing units, and other vehicles interface units.  ATL has also realized many major satellite systems for Chandrayaan-3 program including Telemetry, Telecommand, power management systems, and DC-DC converters for the Chandrayaan-3 mission. The quality of systems and packages realized by ATL were excellent and these systems performed very well. 

 A glimpse of ATL’s different activities

Dr. Subba Rao Pavuluri, founder and CMD of ATL thanked ISRO for reposing trust in his company.  He elaborated on ATL having been one of ISRO’s involved partners for nearly three decades.  ATL has been into manufacturing of various electronics as well as mechanical sub-systems for ISRO’s launch vehicles, satellites, spacecraft payloads, and ground systems; in addition, providing geo-spatial data and services for a host of multi-sectoral developmental projects in the country.  ATL has also been manufacturing critical aerospace sub-systems for India’s strategic sector as well in the areas of electronics and mechanical subsystems, such as avionics packages, sensors, communication systems, sophisticated flight systems and so on. 

 The company has exclusive facilities at Thiruvananthapuram for supporting ISRO in fabrication, assembly, testing and supply of sophisticated electronic packages, computer systems and various sub systems for launch vehicles and integrating of launch vehicles etc; and, at Bengaluru it has put up a large-sized facility for manufacturing of satellites.  He also highlighted ATL having provided to ISRO ‘zero-defect manufacturing support’ to 74 launch vehicles and 94 spacecraft over these years.

 Dr. Subba Rao Pavuluri emphatically added that ATL, as a dedicated aero-space company, is fully geared-up to take strides in country’s space sector activities and other strategic programs as a co-traveler in nation’s resolve on becoming ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.  


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