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New space cooperation between France and India to deploy satellite constellations into orbit

by Editorial Staff
New space cooperation between France and India to deploy satellite constellations into orbit

On the sidelines of the state visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to France, the French new-space operator Prométhée has, in a move that complements the European space observation capabilities and India’s private space capabilities as a reliable satellite launch services provider, together with Skyroot Aerospace, decided to study the integration of Skyroot’s Vikram launcher into the deployment process of the JAPETUS earth observation constellation. The discussions were led by Pawan Kumar Chandana, Co-founder & CEO of Skyroot, and Olivier Piepsz, President of Prométhée.

PROMÉTHÉE is a French new-space operator of nanosatellite constellations for earth observation. Our objective is to democratize the use of satellite imagery for a safer and more sustainable world. Founded in January 2020 by Olivier Piepsz and Giao-Minh Nguyen, PROMÉTHÉE brings together recognized experts in the fields of space, digital, and services. Climate change and the increase in human activity have a direct impact on ecosystems and populations. It is essential to have the means to observe, monitor, and predict these events. Nanosatellite constellations are currently the only way to have global access to real-time information at any time, anywhere in the world. PROMÉTHÉE addresses crisis management and sustainable development challenges by providing strategic intelligence and environmental intelligence services. The scope of applications offered by PROMÉTHÉE is practically unlimited, from maritime surveillance and critical infrastructure monitoring to the protection of ecosystems, water resources, fauna, and flora, as well as combating deforestation, illegal fishing, and disaster prevention. For more information, please visit www.promethee.earth

About Skyroot
As earth to space transportation remains expensive, access to space has been limited to very few governments and enterprises. Yet space has transformed our lives for decades through GPS, Satellite internet and television, weather prediction, disaster response, understanding the universe, and many others. Skyroot is a leading private Indian space-tech company, a pioneer in small and medium space launch vehicle designing and building and a leading provider of on-demand, cost-effective, reliable launch services for the global small and medium satellite market. Skyroot is led by its vision of Opening Space For All by making spaceflights affordable, reliable and regular. On 18th November 2022, it became the first private company in India and South Asia to successfully launch a privately built rocket to space. For more information, visit www.skyroot.in

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