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LeoStella Debuts Advanced Small Satellite Bus Platform, the LS-300

by Editorial Staff
LeoStella Debuts Advanced Small Satellite Bus Platform, the LS-300

LeoStella, a U.S.-based satellite design and manufacturing company announced its third-generation small satellite bus product line, the LS-300. The LS-300 introduces significant payload accommodation and other enhanced capabilities.

The LS-300 builds upon LeoStella’s successful reputation and accounts for the evolving expectations of government and commercial satellite customers. To date, LeoStella has 19 satellites in orbit, from its established product lines. These satellites have over 37 years of on-orbit heritage and boast 99% mission availability, delivering high performance and remarkable reliability.

“The LS-300 satellite bus is well-positioned to meet the varied needs of customers seeking access to space,” stated Pierre-Damien Vaujour, CEO of Loft Orbital. “Loft Orbital has had great success with LeoStella’s established bus platforms. I’m confident the updated LS-300 bus platform will enhance the company’s already established reputation.”

With a focus on delivering exceptional performance and enabling customers to achieve their varied mission goals, the LS-300 bus platform boasts several impressive features. Notably, it can accommodate heavier and larger payloads, up to 250 kilograms. The platform incorporates a space-qualified propulsion system capable of achieving a velocity change of over 200 meters per second. This propulsion capability enhances the satellite’s reaction control, precision pointing, and orbital maneuvering, ensuring optimal performance in space. Additionally, the LS-300 platform provides up to one kilowatt of power to enable the spacecraft to perform more demanding missions.

“We’ve already secured our first LS-300 customer, which is a testament that our updated bus platform meets the evolving needs of the satellite market,” said Tim Kienberger, CEO of LeoStella. “LeoStella offers co-engineering services which enable us to efficiently provide satellites that are optimized to specific customer requirements.”

From large, interconnected constellations to single-unit prototypes, LeoStella is dedicated to providing customers with critical space infrastructure developed, launched and operating efficiently and effectively. With the introduction of the new LS-300 bus platform, LeoStella will continue to uphold its successful track record of proven on-orbit performance.

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