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Spacepreneur Editor kartikeya in conversation with Dr.(Hon).M.R.K Menon Founder & CEO – Global Aerosports

by Editorial Staff
Spacepreneur Editor Kartikeya in conversation with Mr. MRK Menon Co-Founder of Global Aerosports

Can you brief us about your journey to our readers?

I am 66 not out and have been involved in Aerospace Education for 15 years now. Worked with 100,000 students and 200 Plus Teachers in 6 Countries. Built 4 Aerospace Museums in Schools and looking for a suitable place to build my next one.:) Just converted my Hobby into a Career and enjoying it.

Space Industry is evolving very rapidly in India and globally, what are the current Skills/Courses you are currently offering?

We offer a 50 Hour Live Course called the Aerospace Ambassador Program that covers. Aeromodelling, Model Rocketry, Drone Technology, Space Technology, Astronomy and Arduino Circuits. Besides that we train Science, Maths and IT Teachers to implement STEM based methods in their Teaching. This ia 10 Hour Live Certificate Program.

Tell us something about the process of getting enrolled for Courses as Individuals & Schools?

Schools hear about us and then contact us. I do a Free Rocketry and Space Program for them. This usually translates into a longer relationship.

What are the challenges and opportunities you see in Indian space industry in next 5 Years?

There are opportunities galore for Experts in Space Technology to start their own Organization’s by collaborating with ISRO and other entities. The challenge is to find Funding and a trained work force.

What is your message to youngsters who wish to choose space industry as their Career?

This is the best time to go for studies leading to careers in the Aerospace Sector. Both Civil/ Military Aviation and the Space Sector are going to see in precedented growth trajectories. I see a tremendous shortage of trained Aerospace Engineers, Scientists, Technicians, Educationists etc.

As a Space Tutor, what would you like to achieve in next 2 years? How ISRO is helping you & what kind of more implementations you expect from ISRO?        

I am focussed on building an Aerospace Park in India which will be easily accessible to kids in India/ Asia. The entire plan is ready. Just looking for 100 Crore in Funding.

I am grateful to ISRO for recognising me as a Space Tutor. As Founder Secretary of Aero Club of India recognised Rocketry Society, I hope to conduct Rocketry and Cansat competitions with the blessings of ISRO.

I am also Chief Mentor to an ISRO Funded Space Innovation Lab in a Govt University in Odisha.I am praying that the project will be implemented soon.

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