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Spacepreneur Editor kartikeya in conversation with Mr. Sravan Varma Datla, CEO & Co-Founder – Navars Edutech Pvt Ltd

by Editorial Staff
Spacepreneur Editor kartikeya in conversation with Mr. Sravan Varma Datla, CEO & Co-Founder - Navars Edutech Pvt Ltd

Can you brief us about your journey to our readers?

In 2019, Navars took flight with a vision that aimed to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry, focusing on imparting Astronomy & Space education to K12 students. However, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic necessitated a pivot towards online delivery methods. Surprisingly, the enthusiasm exhibited by young students not only validated our programs but also revealed the immense potential within this realm. As the world emerged from the pandemic, we redirected our efforts back to our initial plans, transitioning to an offline model centered around establishing Astronomy & Space labs within schools. These labs became invaluable conduits for experiential learning among students.

With a meticulously structured 7-year program implemented in schools, we’ve taken the initial steps, operationalizing our Labs in approximately 50 schools. The NASO Olympiad, a cornerstone of our initiatives, garnered substantial interest, witnessing annual participation from over 50,000 students. Simultaneously, our online programs catered to non-lab schools, catering to students eager to delve deeper into the realms of Astronomy & Space.

Our growth trajectory has been notable, expanding our team from an initial 5 members to a robust team of about 70 individuals. This growth was further bolstered by securing early rounds of investment from entities like Faad, AngelBay, JITO, Ivy League Ventures, among others. This influx of support and resources has propelled our mission, empowering us to continue expanding our reach and impact within the realm of space education.

Space Industry is evolving very rapidly in India and globally, what are the current Skills/Courses you are currently offering?

Our courses cater to both foundational learners (grades 2-12) and college students (professional and engineering tracks) who aspire to launch careers in the Space sector.

We bridge academic needs with industry-aligned STEM Space education through collaborative partnerships.

Tell us something about the process of getting enrolled for Courses as Individuals & Schools?

Enrol directly on our website, www.navarsedutech.com, and discover tailored programs featuring objectives, learning outcomes, duration, and costs. Students receive personalized guidance from our team. Schools seeking Astronomy & Space Labs, Summer Camps, Workshops, or short courses can connect with us via our website or call our centre at 8885005533. Experience engaging educational opportunities designed to ignite curiosity and passion for space exploration.

What are the challenges and opportunities you see in Indian space industry in next 5 Years?

The space industry is set to become a trillion-dollar economy globally. India, with its 200+ space startups and growing expertise, has a big chance to lead this sector. To meet the rising demand, India needs to focus on developing a skilled workforce. Strengthening education and fostering collaborations between government, academia, and private sectors can bolster India’s position in the global space economy.

India’s space industry encounters challenges in funding, tech advancement, and global competition. Sustaining funding for missions and startups is critical, demanding continuous technological innovation to stay competitive. Balancing against global players, developing a skilled workforce, and fostering collaborations are vital. Robust regulatory frameworks and enhanced infrastructure are needed. Overcoming these hurdles necessitates strategic investments, policy reforms, and stakeholder collaboration. Addressing funding stability, tech evolution, workforce development, global positioning, regulatory clarity, and infrastructure enhancement will bolster India’s space sector on the international stage.

What is your message to youngsters who wish to choose space industry as their Career?

To aspiring space enthusiasts: Choosing the space industry for your career is an incredible journey filled with boundless opportunities. Pursuing this path demands curiosity, resilience, and a thirst for discovery. Embrace STEM education, specialize in aerospace, engineering, or related fields. Stay updated with advancements, seek internships, and engage in projects. Cultivate problem-solving skills, innovation, and collaboration. Dream big, aim for the stars, and know that your contributions can shape humanity’s future beyond Earth. Your passion for exploration can fuel ground breaking discoveries. Believe in yourself, work hard, and embark on a thrilling career that reaches for the cosmos.

As a Space Tutor, what would you like to achieve in next 2 years? How ISRO is helping you & what kind of more implementations you expect from ISRO?        

Navars has effectively fulfilled Space Tutor’s core objectives, imparting foundational knowledge and engagement to over 100,000 students in 1000+ schools across 13 countries within the last 3 years. Our aspiration now extends to reaching 1 million students through a comprehensive approach encompassing school programs, online education, and the Space Olympiad within the next 2-3 years.

In collaboration with ISRO, Navars champions space education by organizing workshops and competitions. The recent NSIC (National Space Innovation Challenge), held in partnership with AIM Niti Aayog & ISRO, drew participation from over 35,000 students nationwide. These collaborative initiatives by ISRO and Navars aim to cultivate student interest, providing tangible exposure and education in space sciences. Ultimately, the goal is to spark inspiration among the upcoming generation of Indian space enthusiasts, nurturing their passion and potential in this field.

You have raised Multiple funding’s in space EduTech – How do you expand your business in 2024?

Navars is committed to pioneering a dynamic and immersive approach to Space education in accordance with the objectives laid out in NEP2020. Our primary aim is to engage with and impact the lives of over 100,000 students by the year 2024 through our innovative Astronomy Lab program. Central to our mission is the establishment of Astronomy & Space Labs in approximately 250 schools, spanning both the vibrant landscape of India and diverse global markets. This initiative is designed to foster a hands-on, experiential learning environment, nurturing a new generation of passionate astronomers and space enthusiasts. By integrating cutting-edge technology and progressive pedagogy, we aim to ignite curiosity, inspire exploration, and cultivate a deep appreciation for the wonders of the cosmos among students world-wide.

If you could change one thing about Space Industry with a click of your fingers, what would it be and why?

Although wishful thinking, I’d instantly make space travel and exploration more accessible and affordable for everyone. This change would democratize opportunities, fostering innovation and collaboration while accelerating scientific advancements and inspiring generations.

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