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Spacepreneur Editor kartikeya in conversation with Mr.Suyash Co Founder – Galaxeye

by Editorial Staff
Spacepreneur Editor kartikeya in conversation with Mr.Suyash Co Founder - Galaxeye

Please brief us about the Journey from becoming an entrepreneur?

I hold a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering and have a background in developing deep tech systems, including the noteworthy Hyperloop project, which earned recognition as the sole Asian participant at Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Contest hosted by SpaceX.

Inspired by our visit to SpaceX, where we witnessed the efficient assembly of rockets in limited spaces, our team, although deeply fascinated, initially refrained from entrepreneurial pursuits. Instead, we focused on specific problems that fueled our passion.

After completing my Master’s, I joined the Industry R&D wing, where I utilized satellite imagery to address critical use cases. Identifying significant gaps in the satellite imagery domain, I founded GalaxEye to contribute to the advancement of this technology.

What are the Products & services currently offered by Galaxeye?

We will be operating as Data as a Service Model providing Multi-Sensor Data Fusion dataset to the Users.

What are the challenges & opportunities you see in the Indian space Market?

This is the best time to build in the space economy. Recent steps from the Govt are very supportive of the private space ecosystem. Chandrayaan-3 and many other missions by our Space agency is also a testament to what Indians can do.

In terms of challenges, early stage companies’ support system is still work in progress. Once that is done, we will be in a better position to accelerate further.

What are the leading space applications in all segments that you think can shape up the Indian space industry in coming years?

Spatial Intelligence & location intelligence through Satellites.

Where do you see the Space industry by 2030 & how do you visualise GalaxEye by 2030?

Space Industry by 2030 will be massive. Difficult for me to predict. GalaxEye will become Spatial Intelligence Powerhouse for the world solving problems across commercial & strategic markets.

What sets you apart from other competitors?

Our Multi-Sensor Satellites are uniquely designed to provide comprehensive insights to the users, which sets us apart from the competition.

What is your suggestion to youngsters who wish to choose space as their careers?

I would like to say go for it. Dont hesitate to, if you are space enthusiast, this is the golden period to be in space. There are a lot of design level and system level opportunities which can be found. Opportunities are limitless ranging from mechanical systems to electronics to AI.

What is your Wishlist for 2024?

We want to launch our first Satellite as soon as possible.

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